So i guess if your viewing my page you must want to know a little bit about me,
I am an 19 year old AMV maker, artist, furry and fursuiter! I have a girlfriend who i've been with for 2 years 9 months, My fursona's name is Milo and i go to the Cleveland Institute of Art.

Some things you will probably see here are:
Furries, AMV's, Disney, Pokemon, My art, kingdom hearts and just about any other crazy stuff.

Click the speech bubble for links.

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I had to draw something for this, There will not be another AkuRokuSHI day for another 1000 years :’D Art by me or Velvet-Wolf @ DA.
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this gif ruined my life


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Furtographer - Abraham
FursuitMaker - FurItUp
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he is so shocked